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East Nasty Women Review with Megan Palmer,

Renee Wahl, & Amelia White featuring Sergio

Webb In The Lounge - 1/29

East Nasty Women's Review is back in 2018 with three amazing songwriters - Amelia White, Megan Palmer and Renee Wahl. $5 in advance, $7 at the door. Early show beginning at 7 pm sharp / Doors at 5pm come have a glass of wine and a plate of fab food before! ABOUT THE EVENT-

East Nasty Women Review is a loose changeable collaborative of women songwriter friends who get together to sit in on each other’s tunes, and have a good time on stage. Every show is a super group of talent that attempts to bring out the best in each other. Although the round is a female fronted endeavor, guitar and multi instrumentalist Sergio Webb brings his charm and chops to the mix. Expect to laugh, cry ,and get goosebumps. Unexpected Magic will be made before your very eyes.

Renee Wahl comes at songwriting from an unlikely background of the US Air Force where she was a captain ( with a major in Physics) that had access to the military’s top secrets.Her music walks the line between Music Row and Americana East Nashville ragged and authentic. She brings humor, fire and killer pipes to the round. Renee has been described as a gumbo of country/pop/ blues Noir and she’s been compared to Neko Case and Linda Ronstadt. Her current EP "Sworn Secrets” has won over music critics coast to coast, and includes a duet with iconic Buddy Miller. Renee digs deep,
and reveals tales from her psyche.

Megan Palmer is a stunningly honest songwriter who’s songs have an edge of compassion and hope, while bringing some feisty irony to the table. She’s been seen all over the country backing up artists from Tim Easton to Amy Speace with her fantastic violin playing. Her album "What She’s Got To Give” is a defining moment in establishing Megan as a front person with grit and grace and a lot to say. She brings to mind the Pretenders in moments and a female Ryan Adams in others.

Amelia White has been called punk Americana, A queen of melody, and a truth telling sooth sayer poet who sings songs because she writes. She’s a long time East Nashville dweller, a world traveling troubadour, and has recently released her 8th full length album “Rhythm of the Rain” in UK and Europe where it received high praises. Her 2016 Album “Home Sweet Hotel” was cited as best of country 2016 in the UK Telegraph. She writes prolifically and her songs and co-writes have been cut by some of the finest Americana artists worldwide. She sounds a bit like a stew of Patti Smith, and Tom Petty. FULL BIO

Sergio Webb is a well known journey-man musician who has accompanied everyone from Gail Davies, and David Olney to Pinto Bennett. He works tirelessly out of East Nashville to back up great singers and writers of integrity. His style is refreshingly unabandoned and unique. He also tours as a front man with the famous Motel Cowboys, His most recent solo album Domingo racked up great reviews worldwide.