No Depression

“Renée Wahl – “Keeping You For Mine” [on “Cumberland Moonshine”] The scorned lover is a classic figure in country music. Renee Wahl takes this archetype and plays with it a bit. I don t want to give anything away, but keep your ears open at the chorus, and you ll see what I mean. The song gets a beautifully rendered spooky vibe. On Cumberland Moonshine, the twang in Renee Wahl s voice comes and goes. It s not an affectation; it s just a tool that Wahl uses to get the emotion of her songs across, and she has others. She can go from the sweetness of a Dolly Parton to almost the sharp tone of a Maria McKee, and Wahl uses this expressive range perfectly, giving each song what it needs. The music has rockabilly accents, and even a bluesy flavor in places, but it is unmistakably country.”

– Darius Rips, No Depression, Oliver di Place (Mar 09, 2011)

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