Country Fried Rock’s Best of 2011 on No Depression

“Country Fried Rock’s Best of 2011 Wow! In 2011, Country Fried Rock featured 50 roots musicians via in-depth interviews, highlighting their songwriting and musical influences. From those, we selected the 40 most-listened to programs, and let our listeners select their Top 10. Hundreds of listeners voted for the Country Fried Rock “Best of 2011” list, yielding a surprisingly clear Top 10. 10. Renee Wahl, Cumberland Moonshine 9. Betsy Franck, Still Waiting 8. The Back Row Baptists 7. Dylan Sneed, Texodus 6. James Scott Bullard 5. Driftwood, Wanderlust 4. The Mother Truckers, Van Tour 3. Kevn Kinney, A Good Country Mile (with the Golden Palominos) 2. Abby Owens, Indiantown 1. Stephanie Fagan, Heart Thief”

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